Who We Are
Nisar Malik – Producer And Director; Founder Of The Give Back Project

The Give Back Project is the brainchild of Nisar Malik, wildlife documentary filmmaker, and an avid conservationist.Nisar is CEO of Walkabout Films, Production Partner to The Give Back Project.

After 10 years in filmmaking Nisar was convinced of the need for local community involvement in conservation for there to be any chance of success. Making films to be shared with these communities to improve awareness is the way he felt he could best contribute to this.

In remote areas people were mesmerised seeing themselves and their surroundings on film. The films engaged them as words alone never could.

With The Give Back Project Nisar has created a new genre of wildlife films, one that highlights the conservation issues and challenges, not only of beautiful wild areas, but of the people that live in and around them, and gives them a voice.

Nisar oversees screenings in local communities, at times making personal visits. His commitment to these communities is unswerving and is rewarded with the abiding relationships he has built in many mountain communities in Pakistan.

Samyra Rashid - Producer

Samyra is co-founder of The Give Back Project, and leads Project Development and fundraising.

She developed and oversees the outreach of the Project to schools and educational establishments, nationally and internationally, through the system of ‘Affiliate Schools and Colleges’.

Samyra is also responsible marketing and distribution of The Give Back Project via media partnerships such as that with Pakistan Television, Dawn News, and with Google.

Jameel Ahmed - Director of Production and Chief Cameraman

Jameel’s artistry with a camera is the paintbrush that transports you right into the heart of the locations we work in. He has been with Walkabout Films for over 10 years and his dedication to his craft has seen him work with the BBC Natural History Unit and the Discovery Channel.

His technical skills and knowledge of video apparatus is second to none, and he is integral to the success of our productions. He gives his time to support The Give Back Project in multiple other ways besides.

Jonathan Doggett – Editor and Post Production Lead

Jonathan has been passionate about documentary films from any early age.

Having worked around the UK, Europe and New Zealand he is highly experienced in all aspects of post-production.

As a freelance Editor he works regularly with the BBC and BBC Worldwide, as well as other independent production companies like Walkabout Films. He has been integral to productions such as Natures Weirdest Events, Human Planet and Natural World, and was also integral to the creation and delivery of the BBC’s dedicated YouTube channel ‘Earth Unplugged.’

For The Give Back Projects he is responsible for delivering all video output, management and archiving of media, as well as other post-production management.

Mohammad Naseer - Field Production and Sound Specialist

Naseer has trained with the BBC Natural History Unit and his skills with sound, camera and grips helps us create extraordinary field material that makes our productions truly special.

Martin Shirley – Branding

Martin is highly regarded and respected in the area of brand identity creation, and messaging across Europe. He gives his time to assisting this aspect of The Give Back Project pro bono.

Rabina Stratton – Graphic Designer

Rabina is a skilled graphic designer who works with Martin Shirley assisting The Give Back Project in creating branded marketing materials that look great. She gives her time to Give Back pro bono.

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