about give back
THE GIVE BACK PROJECT is a series of films, photographs, and educational material covering different areas of national heritage.

We cover:
  • Nature & Wildlife 
  • People - who gave back to society 
  • Places - of cultural/historic interest 

We are funded by sponsors, and create films that foster awareness and education. We want them to be seen as widely as possible, so we offer them completely free of charge. 

Anyone with internet access, or a TV can watch the films. Educational organisations can affiliate with us and download all the educational materials, and it’s all free.



The Give Back Project works to help conserve and protect highly endangered wildlife and natural habitats. We make natural history films with breathtaking imagery.

Our nature films include the local people that live with the wildlife, and we give them a voice in our films.

Our production partner, Walkabout Films is well known in the field of Natural History and Wildlife filmmaking. For over 10 years they have worked with such prestigious organisations as the BBC Natural History Unit, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel.


Many communities living on the frontlines with amazing nature and wildlife are very poor. With little understanding of their interdependence on the environment they often exploit it in unsustainable ways, just in order to survive.

We use the magical medium of film to show them how destroying their environment will eventually destroy their own livelihoods.

In the areas where the films are shot we train local people to use screening equipment, and send them on foot and by jeep, showing the films in towns and villages. They discuss the conservation issues, to help inform and engage local people in conservation efforts and sustainable development programs.

This process is currently underway around Skardu, and in the valleys below the Deosai Plateau in Gilgit-Balitistan (northern Pakistan.)


We are currently developing projects that focus on People who gave back, either as philanthropists and humanitarians, or who made significant contributions to humanity through their talents in the areas of art and culture, science and medicine.

If you are interested in sponsoring such a project, please contact us.


We are currently developing projects on cultural heritage sites.

USAID has recently sponsored us for 3 documentary projects on Pakistan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In 2016 we will be releasing our films on Taxila, Lahore Fort & Shalimar Gardens, and Rohtas Fort.

Pakistan has many beautiful sites of great cultural importance. If you would like to sponsor a film on one of these, please contact us.


Education is a big part of Give Back. We use the magical medium of film to engage with young people in schools all over the world. Our mission is to draw the next generation into the preservation of their natural heritage.

All educational organisations can AFFILIATE with The Give Back Project, absolutely free of charge.

Our AFFILIATES can access our EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES and download our short, topic specific films (IEEs – Inform – Educate- Entertain), for free. These are made for classroom use and each one is supported by resource materials to guide teachers through discussion topics and activities.

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