Pakistani Film Wins Award at French Film Festival

November 04, 2015

'DEOSAI - The Last Sanctuary'  - Showcasing the beauty of Pakistan's Deosai Plateau and the endangered Himalayan Brown Bears that live there was awarded the Prix de Protection de la Nature at the prestigious Menigoute Film Festival in France yesterday.


The film is part of a series on the National Parks of Pakistan, highlighting their spectacular biodiversity, and their conservation challenges. It was sponsored by USAID.

Walkabout Films, an Islamabad based documentary film production company, is internationally renowned for its past work on Planet Earth and for capturing amazing footage of snow leopards in Chitral for the BBC.

CEO Nisar Malik, who produced and directed the film, is founder of The Give Back Project, a CSR effort promoting awareness and the preservation of Pakistan’s heritage through film.

Four projects on Pakistan’s national parks have been released in the last two years with more underway.